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The Secret Around-the-World Adventures of Owney the Postal Dog

is represented by Jennifer Chen Tran of PenumbraLiterary Agency   (516-350-1653)

An Owney Primer


Have you ever heard of Owney, the Postal Dog? If you had been around in the 1890s you surely would have...he was one of the biggest celebrities of the day! He’s got a great story that you're going to love!


Owney was a real-life mutt from Albany, New York who was strangely enamored with mail. He was a fixture at the local post office in the early 1890s (that’s more than 800 dog years ago!).  In time, he started following his beloved mailbags across the country, traveling on mail wagons and in mail cars of locomotives. Keep in mind, this was at a time when very few people ever even left the place where they were born!


Owney was beloved by postal workers everywhere and adopted as the unofficial mascot of the US Postal Service.  His greatest trip was in 1895, when he actually traveled all the way around the world! After this astounding feat, Owney would be forever known as the “greatest dog traveler in the world!!”


Writer Marcelo Vital and artist David Montgomery have brought this celebrated dog’s adventures to life for the first time in comic format, in a richly illustrated graphic novel of historic fiction suitable for all ages.

Production of the story was financed through a well-received Kickstarter campaign, which enabled the pair to employ colorist Dan McLaren and letterer Chris McQuaid to assist with those tasks.


Many thanks to all the Kickstarter backers who believed in this project and helped make The Secret Around-the-World Adventures of Owney the Postal Dog a reality - it wouldn't have happened without their support!


Meet the Owney Team!

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